We Recommend to Always Replace Every - 1 Piece Valve-Supply Line 

Defective Parts - One Piece Valve-Supply Lines

A Dangerous Part & Liability For Everyone

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1-Piece Valve/Supply Lines Unfortunately over the years many homes throughout the United States have been equipped with this very unreliable and dangerous part that can typically be found under any type of sink, and at toilets. It is called a 1-piece valve/supply line. This part is attached to the hot & cold water pipes that come out of the wall and connects up to the bottom side of faucets and toilets. It is basically a water shut off valve with supply tubing. The problem with these 1-piece valve/ supply lines is they are designed very poorly in every way. They have a long history of bursting, and are notorious for literally flooding homes with excessive amounts of water! Again these parts are designed very poorly with cheap plastic parts internally and are weak, just waiting to burst. There are also a few more issues as well that make the 1-peice valve/supply line possibly the worst plumbing part ever made. They are considered a non-repairable item and are a replacement item only. It is our standard procedure to note this part as a replace now item, when discovering any off the 1-piece valve/supply lines during a Home Plumbing Inspection, whether it is currently leaking or not. This is due to liability, and the poor quality of these parts. Of course they should be replaced, and will be replaced with a new high quality independent valve and an independent supply line of a different style. Please CLICK HERE to go back to previous page (Home Plumbing Inspection).