Always Re-Pipe Any Polybutylene Piping - Typically Found in Mobile Homes 

Defective Pipe - Polybutylene Pipe & Systems

A Dangerous Pipe & Liability For Everyone

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Defective Polybutylene Pipe & Systems is a plastic resin that was used for water pipe, and was subject to a major class action settlement from failed pipes manufactured from 1978 to 1995. (Most commonly installed in mobile homes), polybutylene pipe was promoted as the pipe of the future because of its low cost and ease of installation. During the years it was produced, it replaced traditional copper piping for plumbing use. Polybutylene manufacturers initially claimed that their plumbing system would last a lifetime. In fact, it barely lasted a decade and caused extensive property damage when it finally corroded and leaked. Shell Chemical Company was the primary manufacturer of the pipe, along with Qest and Vanguard. The fittings were manufactured by Celanese and DuPont. On average, polybutylene pipes take between 10-15 years to show signs of severe deterioration. When it fails, it does so without warning. Throughout the 1980's, a number of polybutylene lawsuits were filed citing as defective manufacturing. Damage claims ranged in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The only way to eliminate the problem of deteriorating polybutylene piping is to replace it. Prior to May 1, 2009 you could get reimbursement as long as you could prove failure. However the class action settlement funds are now exhausted, and the settlement expired on May 1, 2009. Any needed current repairs are at your own expense. Please CLICK HERE to go back to previous page (Home Plumbing Inspection).