We Recommend to Always Replace Defective ABS Pipe & Drain Systems 

Defective Pipe - ABS Pipe & Drain Systems

A Dangerous Pipe & Liability For Everyone

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Defective ABS Pipe & Systems (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) pipe is black plastic pipe used for drain, waste & vent lines in plumbing systems, and was subject to a major class action settlement from failed pipes manufactured from 1984 to 1990. The failed black ABS pipes were identified fracturing near the joints causing leak damage to homes. The cause was identified as a production issue and manufacturers stepped up to cover damage costs to consumers. The pipes were found to crack and in some cases completely shear off, allowing the wastewater to leak and flood. In many cases hairline cracks were found with only minor seepage, but these small cracks still allowed sewer odors to escape into the structure. Since there is no more class action settlement money, the informative websites that dealt with the ABS pipe failures are now disappearing from the web. The funds are now exhausted and the settlement expired on June 10, 2009. Five of the primary manufacturers of ABS pipe settled and agreed to pay damaged consumers by way of a class action settlement. These manufacturers are: Apache, Centaur, Gable, Phoenix, and Polaris. Prior to June 10, 2009 you could get reimbursement as long as you could prove failure and identify the manufacturer. The class action settlement money is now exhausted and any needed current repairs are at your own expense.

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